Like we already told in the sneak preview post we went to the show of Marga Weimans at the Amsterdam Fashion Week.
Marga Weimans showed her collection inspired by city's and arcitecture. You see that in the colors, mainly black grey and white and in the forms; straight and pointed. There was one remarkable design of the color, a deep yellow dress. Below you see the collection of Marga Weimans show.

In the sneek preview post I've showed what's inside of the box we found on our seats. You can see the yellow note that says "call me when I say now", so when the words now appeared the whole audience starts to call. The lights were off and you saw a dress with all kind of phones lighting up and ringing (in total 300 phones!) A great design and idea.

We also made a few photo's of people, you see Victoria Koblenko. She's a dutch actress. The girl with the green hair was so remarkable! She was all dressed in black and had only her green hair as color accent. It looked great on her. Of course we also have a picture of our outfits, you see that on the last photo.

Text: Laura @ MIXT
Photo's: Laura & Romy @ MIXT