Yesterday Night I went to the Jameson Film Experience in Amsterdam. The first edition I visit was great (I wrote about here) and this edition was again a nice experience. They showed The fim Killing them softly. Not a happy story; when you go watching this movie you can expect guns, drugs, blood and more guns. And actually, there wasn't a story at all. But I still think it was a good film; great acting work (Brad Pitt of course) and nice filming work.

The location was at the Westergasfabriek, at the same hall where I've seen the show of Marga Weimans at the Amsterdam Fashion Week last summer.

Stay tuned to the FB page of Jameson Film Experience for the next edition, it's really a cool event and always on great locations. The photos I made with my new lens (not exactly the perfect lens for a big crowd so now I want the 28mm 1.8) But it gives you an impression!

Text: Laura @ MIXT
Photos: Laura @ MIXT