You know we love to mix, but this is a whole new level of mixing things. This is BryJin's, created by photographer Bryant Eslave and illustrator Hajin Bae. They started this project to create multimedia images by combining their original work. is their amazing blog where you can find so many images that are very inspiring. I love how they created this idea to combine their work because they both have some great talent that goes back to their youth. Now they have become lovers and got married you can enjoy both talents at the same time, in one image! Which makes it very interesting. You see, these are photographs that Bryant Eslave took, Hajin illustrates them (she has always loved to illustrate models) and that simply is how they create their form of art! They also created some t-shirts, check out their blog for this!

Bryant: 'I came across Hajin Bae’s work through Tumblr Radar. I remember one day I saw one of her illustrations and immediately followed her blog. After a while of seeing more of her newest work I contacted her to tell her I enjoyed what she was doing. That same day she made one of my photos as an illustration, I shared it on Instagram and on my blog and people immediately responded with great feedback. So that’s where we started the project Bryjin’s.'

Hajin: 'Bryant’s photos are nice. Not only the pictures of models, the pictures of his own life also give me huge inspiration. I just put my own life in his pictures.'

Text: Romy @ MIXT
Photos:Bryant Eslave ,Hajin Bae