Maybe by reading the title of this post you're thinking: 'Yeah right, another workout that promises miracles but doesn't work'. Now, I can tell you, the 30day shred program of Jilian Michaels does work. And it almost works as an addiction, what's a great side effect to get in shape.

The 30 day shred program is really easy: It consists of three levels and each level you run in ten days. You only need a gym mat/yoga mat, handweights (I use 1.5kg) and of course a sport outfit. If you don't got any weights you can also use a simple water bottle in each hand. Everyday you just have to practice about 20 minutes guided by Jilian Michaels who you can find on youtube. Below you can check the three different levels.
My experience: After workout 1 you feel like shit the next day, I can tell you everything hurts. But the next day just do it again. And after exactely 5 days in level 1, you don't feel any muscle pain anymore. After level 1 (ten days) you already can notice some chance at your belly and your legs feel stronger. Level 2 is a bit harder and level 3 is horrible. But after that you really see some difference in your arms, back and belly. What suprised me the most was the effect at your lower back and my belly, I saw muscles I didn't see before! Monday I'm gonna start again at level 1 because I didn't finished It the first time (My trip to Antwerp came between) Than I'm also going to do some exercises with the kettlebell you see on the first picture. Who's joining me?:) Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT  You can follow us on Twitter and Bloglovin'