Already heard of the Chia Seeds hype? Mostly if I notice something is gonna be a hype I don't read it, buy it or look at it. But when it comes to healthy food I'm always interested. So I wanted to know a bit more about this RAW superfood. 

Chia seeds comes original from Mexico and Quatamala. The reason why these seeds are called superfood:

- They got a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids (more than fish!)
- They got a lot of fibers, what's makes you feel full (a less tendency to snack!)
- They got a lot of antioxidants, so great for your skin.
- They got a lot of proteins and minerals. So great to use when you go to the gym. (they also got 6 times more calcium than some milk!)

So after reading some information I was convinced. I bought this jar Raw Superfood at De Tuinen for €6,95. You don't have to use a lot, one teaspoon every morning is enough. The seeds are tasteless, so no excuse not to eat them. I use these seeds every morning with some yogurt, frozen raspberries and some fresh fruit. It's also great to put the seeds in an avocado or tuna salad.

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 

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