Thursday evening I was invited to take a look at the new Valentine private collection by Hunkemoller. The location was appropriately at Yab Yum, once the most fanciest brothel of Amsterdam. They gave us a presentation (the collection really got some sexy pieces!) a tour through the brothel and a lovely dinner. Hunkemoller arranged a great evening and I had a lovely time with fellow bloggers, Irene, Hazal, Esmee and Jennie.
The products are available at selected stores and online. Want a new set for Valentine? Hunkemoller has developed "a Facebook APP in which the Facebook fans can choose their favourite&nbsp lingerie set for Valentine. In phase 2 the lovers of the fans will be approached through advertising&nbsp so they get to know the favourite lingerie set of their girlfriends." Maybe now your lover will come  with the right item this year!

 Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT & MooiPR 
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