I went on this trip with the idea that the most things are very cheap in Asia, but that's not true. Especially in Cambodia and Vietnam it's quit expensive. So for that reason I didn't buy a lot (untill now), only some souvenirs for my family and the items you see on the photo. A new skirt with aztec print, a baker boy hat, summer hat and fake Ray Ban sunglasses. I was thinking about buying the Clubmaster so for that reason I bought here the fake one to see If I really like these sunnies. I didn't had the time to make a new travel report, because I'm busy the whole time. And tonight we went out for the whole night so my idea to stand up early and make the travel report didnt work out. But this afternoon I leave the hotel for the night train to Hanoi which takes more then 14 houres! So probably enough time to make a new post.
Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT
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