Summer means festivals and festivals means some good festival musthaves. One of the most important festival musthaves: A good bag. And i've got one! Eastpak got some backpacks with cool prints and designs, like this backpack with the colours green, red, blue and a bit of pink. So many colours that I can combine it with a lot different festival outfits.
But what do you take with you in your festival bag? I give you a glimpse in my Eastpak festival bag, where you first see a disposable camera and my fuiji polaroid camera. Of course a sunblock (Yves Rocher), a small bottle with parfume(Victor & Rolf), a toothbrush (I take that with me everywhere I go), plasters (a lot of dancing means blisters), some wipes (very handy if you need to visit a dixi without toiletpaper), deo and a brush (also bag essentials) and last but not least: my spitfire sunglasses and straw hat. What are your festival essentials?

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 
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