Last week I told you that I participated in a battle created by Fashionscene and They gave us the mission to create a trendy outfit with a budget of 150 euros and we could add 1 item from ourselves, like a bag or shoes.
I chose for the trend "gold", like you hopefully can see! Brown and gold teints are some colours I only wear in autumn/winter, so I love the gold trend for upcoming season. Although we only had 150 euros I tried to stay close to "my style". When I choose an outfit in once, I like to have one or two key pieces and make the whole thing complete with some more budget items.
So, where did I get this outfit for 150 euros from? The coat I've bought at Asos with a discount code I found at (15%). The skirt I bought at H&M with a discount of 25% (new season discount) and the top also at H&M in sale. The socks I bought at (15% discount) The hat I also saw at, but I found exactely the same at Ebay for half the price! The bag is a different story, one of my package didn't arrive on time so I used a look a like for these photos. The bag I chose (and is still on his way) is from Mango outlet.  The shoes are my own.

Coat: 78,55 - Hat: 7,- Socks: 5,09 - Skirt: 30 - Top: 9,- Bag: 19,99
Total: 149,63

What do you think of this outfit?:)

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 
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