I get a lot of questions about what kind of curling iron I'm using. So here a post of what I do to get kind of natural looking curls!

I've got the Jose Eber curling iron 25mm and it's a wonderful piece of technique. I've got totaly straight hair and this curling iron gives me in 10 minutes curls for at least two days. The most important thing to get a more natural look with a curling iron: using a comb. If you don't use a comb a curling iron can give you fake looking curls, in my opinion. When you buy a Jose Eber curling iron there's coming a handy comb with it that got three different sides. And I will show you the results of this handy comb on the photos. 

Side 1 I use for a more messy look,
Side 2 Makes the curls look more like waves.
Side 3 Makes your curls bigger and more decently (the side I use the most)

My hair on the last photo I did without using the comb. First I made a ponytail and then I splited the ponytail in four strings to give it a curl. Done in 5 minutes!

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 
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