Since one year I started more seriously with blogging, for the reason I found out you can't just start with blogging and  than the good things will come to you. If you want to make something of your blog, you have to work for it, hard.

1: It's about the numbers
A point I think it's a bit pity, but yes if you want to make money with your blog or retrieving fun collaborations your number one goal must be your statistics. PR agencies and brands find your blog really interesting if you have at least 10.000 unique visitors a month.

2: Follow and unfollow
How to get these statistics? How will people find you? They don't just find you. Also something I thought when I just started. No, the bigger bloggers put a lot of time in following and unfollowing people, or leaving comments.

3: Your content.
I started with all things that interested me, like art, music etc. But soon I find out that most of my readers liked mostly the outfits. So if you start blogging, it's better to take into account what you readers want to see. Don't post your favorite music or artist if it doesn't bring traffic. 

4: Be personal!
Also an important thing, stay close to yourself. People are following people because everyone likes it to take a glimpse into someones life. If your readers have the idea they get to know you, they will stay with you.

5: You need to plan your posts.
Planning is really important. If you just pick one day to make a few posts or outfits you've got so much more time to do other things that week. Like visiting shows, events or meetings. It's not so great if you come home late and you still need to make a post for the other day. Planning makes blogging so much more easier;)

6: Your blog is more worth than you think
Brands, organisations and companies need to pay a lot of money for advertisement. If they do it via bloggers it's way more cheaper. But make a limit for yourself. If you have for example 5.000 unique visitiors a month you can ask for sure €100 euros for an advertorial. If they don't want to pay you or they come with €50, don't go for the fast money. Bigger and better brands will pay you the amount that your blog is worth. And in the future that will bring you more.

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Pinterest
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