Today I'm going to share with you my personal tips for making a good outfit post. Like I said it's personal, at the end everyone has got a different opinion about "good" outfit posts/photos. 

Making the photos

First of all, make sure you have a good lens. If you want to make a good photo a 50mm1.4 or 50mm1.8 is a great option. You can also work with a wide angle lens. Personal I'm using a sigma 18-35mm 1.8.
Make sure you know your camera. Everyone can make nice photos with a good camera, but if you have a good camera make sure you know a bit about your settings. That can improve the quality of your photos a lot.
Then you go to a location. It's always nicer if you find a location with colours that fits to your outfit. Or a vibe that fits to your outfit.
Make sure there's nothing disturbing behind you, for example a lamppost that's coming "out of your head"
I've learned that if you always make two photos short after eachother, you've always got one perfectly sharp photo. In my opinion adding blurry photos to your post is one of the worst things you can do.
Think about what kind of photos you want. I always want some details, a whole look horizontal and at least two photos vertical.
I really think it's important that you've got a straight horizon. You can make a photo more slantwise, but then you have to choose for it.
Making a vertical whole look photo is always nicer from a lower point, but not too low! Don't sit down and don't stand up, find the way in the middle;) Especially with an wide angel lens, if you stand up the model will look very small, if you sit down the model will look very tall. Both not so nice.
Make sure the focus is always on the face, if it's possible, between the eyes. If you're making detail photos make sure the focus is on the nearest point from the camera.
Go walk! If you're moving, walking, jumping whatever the photos will be more spontaneously. Make sure you use the right shutter speed.
Try different poses, go sit on a stairs, curb or bank that can also make your outfit photo
Make not too many photos, That takes a lot of time, if you think you've got the right whole look photo go further with the details.

Making the outfit post

First and most important!! Pick maximum 8 photos to show your look! Sometimes you find blogs with 20 outfit photos, not needed at all. One good photo can be enough.
Make a collage, that can make the photos look more as a whole. You can do this with photoshop or Picasa.
Add some text. I always put the brand names in the photo, I think that looks quiet nice! You can also do this with photoshop or picasa.
Choose photos that fit well together. Sometimes you see a half body photo first and than a photo with legs. This looks a bit strange. To avoid this you can choose to put a detail photo in the middle.
Make sure you start with your best photo, that doesn't need to be a whole look photo.
Make sure you only talk about the items that are good visible on the photos. Sometimes bloggers are talking about theĆ­r new shoes while you hardly can't see them. Not a good thing!

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT
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