Every year I buy a new Moleskine agenda because I like the small format and design. But last week I destroyed the front of my agenda with some Tipp ex so I needed to come with a solution. I used this marble look-a-like foil and it sticks great. I bought this roll for 8 euros a while ago and didn't use it untill now. It's so easy to do that probably It won't take long before I find a new product to plaster with this marble foil

Edit: De folie komt uit een winkel met kookspullen/huisartikelen en is van het merk GekkoFix. Maar ook online is er veel te vinden! http://bit.ly/1wyCXfq Ikzelf heb 8.99 betaald voor 2m bij 67.5cm

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 
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