Like I told you yesterday, today a post where I show you the African items I selected from the Lady Africa boutique. In this post I want to show you that you can combine these African items with todays trends. If you see this you would not say it's from an African boutique right? And what I like the most, it's all unique.

What you see: an amazing waterfall dress by Irene Heldens, a leather flower bracelet by Trinket, a neon statement necklace made of magazines by Quazi Designs, rings and the "autumn" jacket I showed you last week. 

On the website of Lady Africa you can not find all the items, what you find over their is just an impression. In their boutique you can find a lot more accessories and fashion items. Which item from my selection is your favourite?

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 
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