Some of you might know I traveled through Asia a few months ago. Last week I finaly had some time to make a photobook and yesterday I received my Pixum photobook which I will review today. I can already tell you; i'm very pleased with the result! Of course there where also some downsides. Let's start with all the positive parts.

First some information about the book I ordered:
I chose for the standing XXL (28x36cm) photobook with hardcover and glossy photopaper. In total I added 90 pages with 400 photos, for a price of €139,99. The start amount for this book is €51,99 (with premium paper) and 28 pages. More then enough for a normal holiday. I traveled for a long time and had a lot of photos so I needed to add some extra pages and for every 8 pages extra you pay €10,00.

Like I said, I'm very happy with the result of my Pixum photobook!
- First the free software Pixum offers works great; quick. simple and it gives a lot of options. You can easily choose if you want to split up your page in 1,2,3,4,5,6..etc photos and then you can choose from a lay out. Of course you can also be creative and make your own lay out.
- The size of the XXL photobook is perfect. Definitely not too big, you can easily browse it.
- The printing quality is good! The photos are sharp en the colours are fresh.
- The hardcover and the glossy photopaper gives the book a professional look.
- Price-quality is very good. If you go for the start amount with 28 pages you really get a great photobook for only €51,99
- Fast delivery. I ordered the photobook last saturday and received it yesterday (friday). So delivery within a week!

Of course not everything can be perfect, so here a few downsides
- First the software is not very clear with the marges if you make your own lay out. For example the text on the front page. I did it within the marges, so I also had some space next to the text. It turned out that the title is almost cut off with no space on the right anymore.
- Also the title on the side is not looking great, it's not in the middle of the cover.
- Some photos are a bit too much saturated. So make sure you don't saturate your photos too much.
- The pages bulb a lot. For some pages you really have to press down te paper to see the photo.

That was it! If you know how to work with the marges and keep in mind that they cut off a lot that's not a problem anymore. And beside the downside of the title, you can also see on the same picture how sharp the cover is. Amazing quality and I definitely recommend to make your photobook at Pixum. Later this day I will post a photo on instagram with my photobook, so you can more visualize the size of the book. Do you have some experiences with Pixum?

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