I can't have enough of these Cinemagraphs, a concept created by Visual Graphics Artist Kevin Burg and photographer Jamie Beck. I know this type of photo/filming for a while now, but today I realized I still didn't shared it on the blog. So here a short introduction for the people who don't know Cinemagraph.

The word cinemagraph is created by Visual Graphics Artist Kevin Burg. To create a cinemagaph, you need a photo and a short film of 1 or 2 minutes from the moment after you made the photo. In this way you can choose a part of the photo that you want to let move. Of course you need some photoshop skills to do this. What intrigues me the most, is that the movement is never stopping. This makes you want to keep looking at it.

In this post you see some examples from cinempagraps.com (where you can find a lot more great cinemagraphs) . Such a shame you can't put these "photos" on your wall.

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Photo's: Cinemagraph.com 
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