En: I think a lot of bloggers have the dream to make a full time job of their hobby. Of course, I also would love that. But I think it's important to think about a few things if you have that dream:

1: First and most important, what is your backup plan? Of course it's important to stay positive and hope for the best, but there is also a chance that it don't work out in the way you want and than you need a back up plan. 

2: Make your goals clear. Do you want to be a blogger only? Or do you maybe want to create your own clothingline? (like Sincerly Jules or Kenza did). Write it down what your plans are, you can't start early enough.

3: Network! The most famous people reached the top by their network, For example Coco Chanel. She surounded herself with famous people and artists like Picasso, who helped her to the top.

4: Stay unique. Nowadays there are so many bloggers, that it's really important to stay unique. Think about a strategy that distinguishes you from the rest. I think it's important to stay close to yourself, at least every person is unique.

5: Take succesfull bloggers as example, you don't need to reinvent the weel. What did they do to reach the top? 

6: Don't rely to much on your socials. I see many bloggers focusing on Instagram and facebook to gain followers. But at the end, this is not a part of your business. You don't own Instagram or facebook. What if Instagram decides to quit and you loose all your followers? Make sure to keep this in mind, and create a name so people can always find you, even without your socials.

 Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 
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