Last tuesday I was invited to visit the exhibition "Gold of the Gods" in The Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam. "Gold of the Gods" is an exhibiton that consists of a collection of Javanese gold from the seventh to the eleventh centuries. The Wereldmuseum is the first museum that has the opportunity to exhibit this amazing collection of gold jewellery, which makes it even more special to visit.

"The mysterious world of the Javanese Kingdom remained closed to outsiders for over a thousand years, with only the statues hewn from lava rock at Borobudur displaying the wealth with which the Javanese rulers venerated their gods. The Wereldmuseum is bringing you a world première with its exhibition Gold of the Gods. It is a privilege to show you the most extensive collection of Javanese gold from the seventh to the eleventh centuries on display today, the beauty of which can barely be grasped by contemporary audiences."

After a tour through the exhibition guided by the director of The Wereldmuseum, Stanley Bremer, we had a lunch in the restaurant (one Michelin star). The restaurant has a nice view on the historic ferry harbour and a pleasant atmosphere. I enjoyed a luxury three course lunch served with delicious wine. The food was amazing with suprising flavor combinations and the staff attentive, warm and efficient.  All together made it an exeptional food experience, highly recommended!
Willemskade 25
3016 DM Rotterdam

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 
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