I came across a forum where a group was talking about  “things bloggers do that annoy you” And it was so funny to read. Although I’m a blogger too, I also get annoyed by a lot of fashionbloggers. So I found many things recognizable. To be honest, I am also guilty of some points you can read below, but hey, see it as a lesson right? So I wanted to share some of the quotes with you and maybe some of you can also learn from it, because I really think it’s time for fashionbloggers to become a bit more creative. Here we go:

1 Bloggers who say sorry for the fact that they didn’t post for 1 or 2 days (guilty)
2 Bloggers showing photos of their Triangl bikinis (o gosh, there’s coming one my way too! Almost quilty)
3 Bloggers who follow you on instagram, but unfollow you one day later 
4 Bloggers calling themselves online influencers
5 Bloggers posting blurry photos
6 Bloggers who hashtag themselves
7 Bloggers using Instagram, Facebook, and twitter to lecture on how good it feels to "unplug"
8 Bloggers wearing outfits that don’t match the weather; wool coat, bare ankles
9 Bloggers that first want to approve the readers comments
10 Bloggers who do loop giveaways on instagram
11 Bloggers Taking pictures of things together that do not need to be together
12 Bloggers only showing the perfect life (a little bit guilty)
13 Bloggers trying to seem more important than they are
14 Bloggers showing their Daniel Wellington watches
15 Bloggers posting flowers, macarons, coffee and donuts 
16 Bloggers posting blog awards/liebster awards/creative blogger awards
17 Bloggers showing 20 photos in one post with the same angle
18 Bloggers who blurry the background of a photo with photoshop
19 Bloggers posting an instagram photo wearing shoes on their bed (haha guilty..)
20 Bloggers posting happy lists
21 Bloggers not showing original/creative content and copy eachother
22 Bloggers using bad grammar and misspellings (When I'm writing English; also guilty)
23 Bloggers showing sneak peeks
24 Bloggers who use “twenty-something” for their age
25 Bloggers showing a workout photo with jewelry and make up
26 Bloggers using the word “obsessed” "I've been obsessing over" or "I'm obsessed with”
27 Bloggers holding a starbucks coffee in their hand in every outfit post
28 Bloggers who only leave comments with “cute” “nice” “love it”
29 Bloggers showing only Zara and H&M clothes
30 Bloggers who link to similar products that don’t look similar but are only extreme expensive

Do you also have some things bloggers do that annoy you? Let me know!

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT
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