Time for a DIY again! Today I show you how you can make your own bum bag in two different ways. Both ways are easy and cheap! For bumbag 1 you need a small bag or wallet and different belts. I got all the stuff you see  from my local thriftstore. For bumbag 2 you need only a little bag with a clasp in the handle, so you can open it.

What you need:

For bumbag 1: wallet/small bag, knife and different belts. For bumbag 2: Little bag with clasp and scissors.

Bumbag 1

Like I sad, both bumbags are easy to do! When you've found a small wallet or bag, the only think you need to do is cut two little lines in the back and than you can put your belt through it! The nice thing of this DIY is that you can mix and match what you want and try different belts on.

Bumbag 2

For the DIY of bumbag 2 you need to find a little bag with a clasp, because than you can open the handle and wrap it around your waist. The only thing you need to do here, is make an extra pickle. The easiest way to do this is first wrap the bag around your waist, than look where you need to close it and finally make a little point with a pen or something. Easy right! 

Which bum bag DIY do you like the most?

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT