Like you probably know right now, I travelled through Asia last year. On of the countries I visited was Laos. For me, besides Vietnam, Southeast Asia’s most beautiful destinations. I traveled from Luan Prabang to Chiang Khong with a slowboat on the Mekong River. Travelling with a slow boat is such an unique experience. The boat was open, so the whole journey we feeled the warm breeze from the mekong river and we slowly passed by impressive landscapes and little villages on the banks of the River. For two days we had no internet or electricity, only books and beautiful landscape views. The night we've spend in a little homestay village. We arrived late in the evening and we had planned to leave early in the morning, so I didn't make a lot of photos. However, the photos I made I still wanted to share with you because it was such a peacefull place.

When we arrived in the village our guide gave us a little tour. The people who lived there were all friendly and interested. However, the fact that the village was so small and far away from the civilization had caused a lot of inbred. So some persons, to be honest, looked a bit creepy. Especially in a village with no electricity so no light!  Haha maybe I watched to much horror movies. They did make a lovely meal for us and offered us the best house of the village to sleep in. That night we had extremely bad weather with thunderstorms, so I didn't sleep at all. But all together it was a great experience.
What I loved the most about this village was the fact that people and animals were literally living together (the cows were just walking in and out of the cabins) This all together gave this place such a peacefull ambiance. I hope you can feel/see  that on the photos I made.
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