Today I want to share with you a more personal post; inspiration from my room! First of all I want to tell you more about the floor. A little while ago I showed you some photos about my Moduleo floor in this post, and again I want to share some photos of this great grey vinyl floor. And after using it for 6 months now, I can say it can have a lot. Already several glasses of wine have fallen on the floor, I've walked on it with heels and you don't see any damage. The design you see is the Castle Oak 55-152 from the IMPRESS collection.  A great basic grey colour that fit's to everything. However it's definitely worth to check out the other designs if your looking for a new floor! Further literally everything you see on the photos is second had. Maybe you already know, but I love thriftstore shopping. You never know what you find. Like the blue and pink rug you see, it's a pretty one right?

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