Just a quick update to wish you all a happy new year! Hope you had a great night:) Any resolutions for the new year? For me one of the resolutions (besides getting fit of course haha) is working more on the blog. This week I'm gonna finish my Master thesis, and the 2nd of february I've got my last exam. That means in february I'm done with school and study! First I was thinking about doing a second master in law, however I decided it's good enough for now. I notice more and more that my passion lies in fashion & photography. So this year I also want to do a course in Photoshop to improve my skills and focusing more on photography. I decided for myself to give this a shot for one or two years, and see how things will turn out with the blog. Than I will be 25, still young enough to start in health care I guess haha. I'm ready for 2016!

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