Today a short travel report of Gambia; also named the smiling coast. This beautiful country is definitely worth the name. Last february (a month ago) I went with my mum for a week to Gambia. We stayed in the Palm Beach hotel, a simple but good hotel near the beach. We went with the idea to just relax for a week from all the school and work stress. But it turned
out in a full week of excursions and trips, this land has so much to offer!

When we arrived we were told you will probably love Gambia or hate it ( I loved it) This for the reason the Gambian people do want to talk a lot with the tourists and 'hustle' a lot. This is definitely true, but I didn't experienced it as unpleasant. If you're just clear and friendly they won't bother you any longer. The Gambian people are truly friendly and kind. One thing you do need to keep in mind, it's a very poor country and the most don't have any jobs. They are litterly happy with everything. So if you've got any plans to go to Gambia, bring as much as you can! It's so easy to hand out the stuff you brought. For example to the kids or you can just bring it to a local school.

I did brought my camera with me, but in the end I did't used it. Not because I didn't feel save, but because I just wanted to enjoy and experience the week to the fullest. So the photos you see are just snapshots made with my iPhone. Actually I've got so much to tell about this country but I keep it short for now. Next time when I go back, which I definitely will do, I will make photos with my camera and give you a bigger report. Any questions, just let me know!

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