Already heard of the new make up line by Monki? Last week I received a try out make up bag with some of their essentials of the new make up line: lipgloss, lipstick, eyeliner, glitter, shimmer and a glitter eyeliner. You already see, a lot of glitter! Which totally fits to the Monki style. I think it's pretty cool because there wasn't a glitter and shiny make up collection yet. And this is perfect for parties or festivals (on a daily base im not using glitter and stuff haha) The quality of the make up is ok, not amazing. The lipstick is a bit dry, same goes for the eyeliner. However, im so enthusiastic about the shimmer! It's so pretty on your cheeks and definitely not too much shiny. Later on I will show you a photo on my instagram of the lipstick and shimmer!

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