Time for a new look! Maybe some of you already know (I mentioned it on Instagram) but I'm working at Vanilia as style advisor. For the non Duchies; Vanillia is a Dutch clothing boutique with a scandinavian style and they make use of high quality products in a sustainable way. I love my job and of course I'm also a huge fan of the clothes. So, this time I'm showing you a leather look legging by Vanillia. The most leather look jeans or leggings are not comfy at all, but this one feels like a second skin. It's definitely an item im gonna wear a lot! It's nice to wear with just a longer tee on it. You can combine this item easily in an elegant way or more edgy like I did in this look. Further I'm wearing a jacket and top by Zara and shoes by Sacha. Enjoy your sunday!
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