Lately Im introduced by so many new beauty products, and some of them really are my new favourites. And now belong to my daily routine. Of course I want to share my new beauty secrets with you so here a list of the new products Im using:


Madara Micellar water and oil-to-milk scrub. Using this everyday. Madara is one of my favorite organic beauty products. Great smells and without any chemicals. The first facial scrub I can use everyday! Besides, this set comes in a paper box you can turn into a bird feeder. How cool is that!

Collistar nero sublime. It's a mud mask (which is totally black) and great to use once or twice a week. It deeply cleans your skin and works as an ' activator of radiance and youth'. It does feel a bit strange to use a black mud product on your face, but after using it once you will love it. The only thing that's a bit less fun; cleaning your face. The best thing to do is rub it off with some paper and than wash it off with some water. On youtube you can find a handy tutorial of the nero sublime line.

Daily face cream by Skeyndor. Im using it for a week now and love this cream. It is a bit expensive but it works. My skin is hydrated so much better. Great to use before applying make up.

On the go

Caption nail polish. Im the one that's always in a rush and need to do things like nail polish on the go. And this quick drying nail polish by Caption is great! You need to use it with a base coat and top coat and just a thin layer of color. Almost looks like gel nails.

Pupa lipgloss. I'm always wearing red lipstick, but since I'm introduced to this new Pupa lipgloss its always in my bag. A gloss can give your make up a fresh look. Great to use as touch up!

Merci Handy. Ooh this is definitely a must have! You probably know the alcohol gels you can use to clean your hands. Well, Merci Handy designed a line with fresh smells that doesn't smell like alcohol and doesn't feel sticky after using it. Great to use for on the go.


Collistar Talasso-scrub and sublime melting cream. This combination is everything! I've always got a very dry skin, especially my legs, but since Im using this scrub and cream it looks and feel so much better. The scrub has also a very refreshing smell (reminds me of methol). After using the scrub I always use the sublime cream on my skin, one of the first body creams that makes your skin still feel hydrated at the end of the day. 


Batiste dry shampoo. Actually before I washed my hair every morning. But with Baptiste dry shampoo I can skip a day and still feel fresh. It's a dry shampoo that comes with different smells. Also for brown/black hair they have a spray with some colour. So no white dry shampoo anymore!

John Beerens has a huge collection of hair products. Definitely worth to check out this site once in a while. My top brands from this site are Hair doctor and MashUp haircare.