It was time for a new phone case! I was using a case with a gold gun (you probably saw it on instagram) for almost a year now. When I saw the new cases by Cool Stockholm Collection I was sold, perfect replacement for my old one. The cases are made of flexible plastic with a leather look. And the lion head is such a cool detail. With a detail like this it can look cheap very easily, but somehow these cases are just looking so chic. Love it.

Besides a new case, it was also time for a new charge cable. A cable Im also carrying with me everywhere I go and I don't think I need to tell you that the iPhone cables don't last a lifetime. Then Le Cord is coming in your life! A great concept of thick, design charge and sync cables that you can mix and match with your phone/case/macbook or whatever you want. Besides design, the cords are way more stronger than the rubber iPhone ones. I chose a rosé gold cord of 1.2m. Fits perfect with the lion head right? 

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