Last month I was travelling through the Dominican Republic. One of the things you hear the most about the Dominican Republic is, how dangerous it is to go outside your resort. Well, to make a long story short; the Dominican Republic is amazing, especially Samana. Go on adventure and you will get the best travel expierence you can get.  

One of the places I stayed was El Valle Lodge, a sustainable living in the middle of the jungle in Samana. El Valle Lodge has got different Cabins that have everything you need and not too much. A pleasant bathroom with a spacious shower, a couple of good books, a nice bed and the best view you can get.

What I Love the most about El Valle Lodge is that they aspire to leave something of value for the environment and the local community. For example they arrange excursions guided by local people. I made a hike to one of the waterfalls nearby. It was like a 45 minute walk and I learned so much about the nature and the country.

Are you a beach lover too? Well than this is really the perfect place. From your Cabin in El Valle Lodge it's a 5 minutes walk straight to the jungle, to the most peacefull and beautifull beach you can imagine; Playa El Valle. When you're lucky you can spot turtles too!

Oh and I didn't even talked about the food. I'm a vegeterian and sometimes its a bit hard to get some tasty greens in the Dominican Republic. El Valle Lodge has got their own restaurant, Gitana, and actually I've got only one word for it; amazing. Fresh fish from the ocean, greens from the garden and so well cooked. This together with the jungle ambiance, the background music in combination with the waves you hear in the distance, makes a unique experience. Oh and not to forget about the wine. The owners both are from Argentina, so yes the wine was also very good.

Well, I can tell so many more about El Valle Lodge, but the best thing of course, is to experience it by yourself. If you are travelling trough Samana and if you have any questions about my stay, feel free the sent a message!