It's January and that means: fashionweek. This year Amsterdam fashionweek will take place from 16th to 26th January. Always fun to attend some shows and get some new inspiration. For me this is the 6th time I will visit Amsterdam fashion week and there are some things I learned over the years. So today I will share with you some do's and don'ts.


1 First of all and most important probably, don't make a lot of catwalk photos of every show you visit. Sometimes I see bloggers making tons of photos during the show. In this way you can't enjoy the show fully and there are some professional photographers that will probably make some better photos then you and who will publish their shots mostly the same day.

2 Second point has to do with the first point: don't post tons of catwalk photos on your blog! Mostly starting bloggers are making this "mistake". It's not someting your readers want to see, you can find higher quality photos (from a better position) on the internet, and it costs you a lot of work while you can't enjoy the show fully.

3 Don't dress up too much. Yes it's fashionweek, but don't go crazy with your outfit. Stay close to the style you mostly wear and make sure you feel ok in the clothes you're wearing.

4 Don't wear too high heels. Mostly, and especially if you want to make photos, it's nicer to wear some lower heels. In amsterdam the tribune and floor outside is not totaly flat, and the last thing you want to do on fashionweek is falling on the ground;)

5 Don't act like a groupie. It's fashionweek and probably you will see a lot of well known people (bn'ers). Make sure you don't scream, stare or react a bit over the top.

6 Don't talk about designers or shows you don't know. Sometimes people don't want to show that they never heard about a designer and go talking about it like they do know. BAD! Don't do that. A big chance that you'll embarass yourself.


1 Bring your businesscards! On fashionweek you always meet a lot of people, of course this is a great place to extend your network. So bring your businesscards with you and make sure you can easily grap them to give away.

2 Wear comfy clothes! I already toldy you not to wear high heels. It's really important that you wear something you feel good in, and not something crazy so the paparazzi will snap you.

3 Bring your camera with you and make sure you have an extra card or battery. Once I brought my camera with me without any battery, not so handy. So check everything before you go!

4 Make some streetstyle photos, or photos from the ambiance of fashionweek. This is much more fun to watch than a lot of catwalk photos.

5 Make a schedule for yourself and pick the shows you really want to see. Don't have an invitation for a show you want to visit? Just contact the PR agency and ask if you can get one. You can always try, and mostly there is always a place to stand.

6 Make sure to eat enough before you go. Sometimes there is not a lot of time between the shows. Of course you can alwasy get food and drinks over there. 

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