Last week I bought a metallic shirt/shift dress. It was cheap with no known brand, I payed €9,00 for it. Mostly I prefer clothes with good quality but sometimes you find stuff that can't become ugly so fast.

Also the shirt I bought, it's 100% polyester so it must stay good for a while. Yesterday I was wearing the shirt and while I was shopping at River Island I saw almost exactly the same shirt. But than for €45,00. River Island made some shirt's and shift dress from the
same fabric in the colors metallic and gold metallic.
So somethimes you can find almost the same things, but for a lot less money. For this shirt I don't mind it got no brand, you can combinate it easy and if i'm honest I like
my "cheaper" version more!
Text: Laura @ MIXT
Photo's: Laura @ MIXT + RI