Last Thursday we went to the show of Dorhout Mees and Domenico Cioffi at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. At the Westergasfabriek there is one big hall and a smaller one. The collection of Domenico Cioffi and Dorhout Mees was shown at the smaller one. The positive part of it, you're closer to the models and you can see each detail of the designs. First we've seen the show of Dorhout Mees. Before the models walked down the runway, there was a short intro 'movie' that showed the theme of the collection; called 'Become'. The intro movie gave an impression that the collection is inspired by nature. You can see that in the designs; colors green, grey and brown. The desinger also putted some nature aspects in the designs. The fabrics were al light and made of "see-through-fabrics". The designs also has some creative forms, especially at the chest and the waist area. But also the shoulders were a little puffed up! Below you see the photo's we've made.

The collection of Domenico Cioffi has a sportive and classic vibe. We love the classic looks; white dresses and shorts with straight black lines. That lines are very strong and they make the pieces interesting to watch.
An eyecatcher was the grey coat you see in the pictures. Like we already sad; classic and still sportive through the fabric and forms in it. Same as the classic jumpsuit you see on the pictures. We loved this one! It looks sportive, classic and still ready to wear.
Notwithstanding the designs are classic and almost "simple" the collection of Domenico got something extra than similar designs. Great job of Domenico Cioffi! We only didn't see the designer,  but maybe next season?! Below you see the photos of the show.

Text: Laura @ MIXT
Photo's: Laura  @ MIXT