A new year of school started at the museum of textile in Tilburg (Netherlands)! We went to school, hopped on the train and arrived at a big old industrial building. The museum is actually a museum in bussines. That means it origianally was a company and a factory that has opened to be a museum for visiters. And because it has become a museum in bussines they also have a exhibition (were you weren't allowed to make pictures unfortunately).
At the museum there is something to see for everybody. Also for the ones that love the history of textile making. There was a whole section of old machines which I
personaly found pretty interesting. I mean, new techniques are amazing, but seeing how people made these machines with their own hands, is very impressing.
We went with a group of school and got a guided tour. Although I couldn't always hear the guide I learned a lot about this company and I think it is most inspiring. At this company/museum they can make any fabric/material in any size or shape. It is very interesting to see what they can make, you can just let your creative mind run your brain because truely everything is possible to make in here. Our guide told us (this part I did hear) that many designers, also new/young desingers come here to make their first designs into sample pieces. Also a designer that makes pieces for the one and only Lady GaGa. I asked but she could not tell who it was becuase of some privacy reasons, pity!
Definitely everything I saw at this museum impressed me . I have always loved fabrics and new designs. They showed us a new way of creating a paterns with new machines that
literaly burns the patern in the fabric. They showed us how the machines work on a piece of paper. A flame burnes the patern in the paper, or normaly fabric. These are pictures above of the machine working the paper and the result in fabric.
Further along the tour they also showed us a few fabrics that students of the academy made in command of transforming an old hotel into a new design hotel. They told us that the students went to the hotel to do some research while the hotel itself was about to collapse. They took pictures and translated those pictures in to new designes for the fabrics that they were going to use. The pictures above show you paterns that are translated from an old matras at the hotel. Pretty interesting don't you think? I loved it!
This is close-up of wool. I decided to shoot all pictures with my analog camera in black and white because the contrasts make it so much more interesting.
I personaly love the results! Hope you enjoyed the report!

Text: Romy @ MIXT
Photos: Romy @ MIXT