Last thursday I went to the premiere of "NO" with Gael Garcia Bernal at Trouw Amsterdam. This film was selected for the Quinzaine des Realisateurs at Cannes and got the Art Cinema award, so of course that gave me some high expectations. In the end of january you can see the film here in the Netherlands.

The story takes place in Chile, 1988. The country is governed by the dictator Pinochet. There is a lot of violence under his regime and the people got no freedom of expression. But in 1988 the chileans got the chance to vote for the national referendum: yes or no.
Rene Savedraa, Gael Garcia, is leading the campaing of NO; against the dictator Pinochet. The film is showing the influence of the campaigns and the long way to the voting results.

The whole film is presented like it's 1988. So also the film gives you the idea i'ts filmed with film equipment of 1988; grainy, strange colors and of course no special effects. You can see the effect in the thrailer below.
It was really a good film, personally I didn't know how Chile has suffered by the regime of Pinochet. And this film gives you a good impression.

After the film there was time for a panel discussion, with interessting speakers. The photos give you a small impression of this night and I realy recommend to go watch this movie!
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