Yes I give you a lot of shoe updates lately. It's not that I buy a lot of shoes often, but since this month I suddenly own four pair of new shoes in my closset (here, here and here). First I wasn't a big fan of New Balance, though I do like they way people mix it up with there outfit.  But like you can see, I got a nice pair of green U410's (the one who follows me on Instagram already saw them!)
 Yesterday I had my last day of internship and I had to wait for one hour before I could took the bus home. So I was a little bored (the town I did my internship isn't that big) and when I saw these New Balance in sale I thought way not try it on? And that wasn't a good idea because, my god these shoes fit perfectly. It's like you wear the perfect soft socks with a rubber sole. So, now they belong to my closset.

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 

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