This summer I visited for the 4th time Amsterdam Fashion Week. In my last AFW report I already told you my schedule is coming more fuller. And I like it! This year I visited Spijkers&Spijkers, Armand Michiels, Fred Farrow, Dorhout Mees, Tony Cohen, Nata Ryzh, and Rebecca Ward. Actually I also was invited for Cold Method, Melissa Siegrist, Marga Weimans and Jose Francisco Ramos. But I have to think about my study, I still have to pass one exam so for now I skip the last two days. Spijkers&Spijkers and Dorhout Mees where by far my favorite shows. Dorhout Mees is a master in creating a dark but fine ambiance. She made an exceptional video, deffinitely worth to watch. Later this week I will update more photos of the shows and my outfits. Did you enjoy the 19th edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week?

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 

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