I love the trend of double chain necklaces you see lately. Inspired by the lovely designs I wanted to make my own. And it turned out in this cristal double chain necklace. It's a fun and easy DIY. In total I spend 7 euros on material. So that's a nice price for a unique necklace right?

1: Find some nice pendants you like

2: The material you need: bead, clasp, crimp beads, loop, 3 pendants, 2 meter of chain, marker, tong, calottes

3 Take the 2 meters chain.  I added 1 cm on each side of the chains (total 2cm) so you've got some more chain to work with, at the end you cut it off. 

4 Measure the three chains

5 Mark a dot 1 cm from the end of each chain.

6 Take your tong, calottes and crimp beads.

7 First you put the calottes on the chain.

7 Then add the crimp beads on the dot you signed with the marker

8 Then close the calottes around the crimp beads.

9 Do it for each chain.

10 Then add some loops.

11 Do the same for the other side. BUT don't forget; first add your pendants.

12 And ready is your double chain cristle necklace

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Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 
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