Remember I've showed you this jacket last week? A lot of you loved it (like I do!) and today I'll show you a glimpse in the boutique I got it from. This cozy boutique called Lady Africa, is located at Denneweg 21a, The Haque. A pretty area near the central station. Lady Africa is runned by Irene Hin, a beautiful energetic women with African roots. In her boutique she shows unique (sustainable) African labels. All with original designs made of great fabrics; "too pretty not to share". It is that kind of boutique where you can walk around and around and still discover new things.

Maybe you did not expected that I got the jacket from an African boutique? That's also what I wanted to show you. This boutique offers great labels and designs you can easily combine with today's trends, designs that can make your look even more outstanding. Beside that, most items are affordable. So definitely worth a visit when you go shopping in The Haque.

The jacket I showed you last week, was not the only thing I selected. Tomorrow I will show you some other items, in a way I would wear it.

P.S On their website you can also find the tab "Sir Africa" here they offer unique accessories like bracelets and umbrellas. Also fashion (check out this pretty cardigan!).

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 
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