For all those art lovers out there; meet The Public House of Art. Through The Public House of Art I discovered the artwork by Barbara van den Berg. You probably think art is expensive and not something you buy just like that. However, The Public House of Art does give you the opportunity to buy art, even when you're not a rich kid :
"We believe art is for all. To adorn the walls of castles and bedsits. To disrupt not bankrupt. To move, to shock, to offendor go fabulously with your sofa. We have bi-annual themed, eclectic shows that are open to all. We sell photographs in limited editions and unique one-off sculptures and paintings,verified by us and signed by the artist."

The Public House of Art has a great concept (Like you can see in the video above) You can choose your own size: the bigger the more expensive it will be. The artwork you see in my room is Sita by Barbara van den Berg. I chose the "Villa" size but you can also go for the "house" size which is only €100,-. I totally fell in love with this artwork. It's so bright and it really gives me a zen feeling by watching at it. However, besides bright artworks like this you can also find for example black and white photographs. Definitely worth to check out the other artists.

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