Everyone has some beauty secrets and I always love to see what other girls are using. So today I'm sharing my beauty secrets. My first favorite beauty product is purifying foam by Madara, it's an organic foam (with an organic smell;)) and it's perfect for my dry skin. I just use it with a cotton pad and no water! Second is for sure the face scrub by Rituals. It's just amazing. It has some small scrub grains and a lovely smell. A great product to get baby soft skin. Third is sudocreme! I almost use it every night on red spots etc, it makes it dry and in one night the red colour on my skin has disappeared. Fourth; dry clean hairspray by water clouds, again a lovely smell and actually I use it like a deo, but then for my hair. It's really refreshing. Last; body lotion by Jean Paul Gaultier. Actually just a normal body lotion, but that smell is just addictive haha. What are your beauty secrets?