I'm back! Last week was so hectic for me, al lot of work, appointments and stuff to do.. so I didn't even opened my laptop for a few days. But yesterday I had a day off and It couldn't have been a better day. The first spring day with good temperatures!
 And what's better than starting a warm sunday on your balcony in comfy clothes. For me this Levi's jeans is definitely one of my comfy items. I notice when I publish photos of my Levi's that a lot of you are wondering were I bought them. Well, I always find them in thrift stores. For some reason there is still a big difference between the vintage Levi's jeans and the ones you buy nowadays. Im a fan of the vintage ones for sure! The denim fabric is way more thicker and most vintage levi's have a smaller fitting in the waist and more space at your butt. And that's what we want right?;)

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