Remember I told you about the organic skincare by Madara? Well they have a new line: SOS recharge and repair. Since I've got the become organic set I use it every night to cleanse my face and I'm still very happy with these products. So I was excited to try out this new SOS line. Especially because my skin is a bit dry (always in summer time). The first thing I noticed was the smell, both SOS hydra recharge cream and SOS hydra repair serum smell great. A bit like roses. First I used the serum that hydrates deep into the skin, after that i used the recharge cream which hydrates, fluid balance and thus soothes and restores the youthful glow of dehydrated and stressed skin. The combination of these two products is great. Your skin feels fresh and moisturized after using it, I'm still a big fan of this organic skincare brand. Worth to try out!
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