Already heard of the brand Sam Friday? if not, shame on you! It's a Dutch brand for lingerie and swimwear. Besides they've also got some great yoga/sports items and clothing. What I love the most about this brand; the items have a great fitting, it's comfortable, fresh looking and payable. A perfect combination right? In my opinion the lingerie collection is also a great combination of both sporty and sexy. And of course; swimwear! In the photo I'm wearing the Lagoon Charcoal top with the Bonbeach Charcoal bottom. Again; great fitting and I love the stylish/minimalistic look of the grey colors and small lines. Besides they also offer a lovely hamman towel in blue and grey, which will fit perfectly to the whole swimwear collection!

Amsterdam, Huidenstraat 16

The brandstores you can find in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Alkmaar, Utrecht, Antwerpen, Maastricht and Ibiza! Also the shops are worth visiting; they will help you great with finding your right sizes and besides that the shops have a nice ambience. You can see below photo's of the Sam Friday brandstore in Amsterdam.

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