Lately Im more and more focusing on high quality materials if it comes to clothes, shoes and accessoires. I was never someone who bought lots of clothes at primark or H&M, but I notice that right now I really think its important to invest in high quality clothes. While writing this Im just back home from some quick shopping with a friend. While visiting Zara I've seen nothing I liked. Ok, it's sale so it was chaos and hectic, but still. So many clothes and almost all the eye-catchers you see everywhere on the streets. Nothing for me (anymore). So that's why I also have invested in this pretty blouse; a 100% silk blouse by Vanilla. It's an amazing colour you don't see that often. Although silk is a delicate material, also a bit difficult to wash, it looks so amazing. It's shiny but in a good way, and the light gives it all kind of blue shades. Pretty right? The high waisted jeans I'm wearing is also by Vanilia.