Time for a new look! I know it took a while, but im back on track. The last weeks I was so busy with school (i'm graduated btw! Can call myself Master of Science now haha) and worked on some very cool projects. On my insta you probably saw that I worked with Pieces again! Well more about that later:)

About the look. like the title is saying; these new Sacha shoes are definitely better than Dr. Martens. At least, for me at. I love Dr. Martens but they just look way too big on my feet, tho I've got size 38. Besides that they also don't have the most comfortable fitting, right? Well now was the thing; I do love that kind of boots and I almost gave up searching for the right pair when I bumped into these leather boots by Sacha. The fitting is amazing, they walk great and my feet don't look like I've got size 42 or something haha. I'm also wearing a new jeans by The Sting. It's a cool one right? Further a longer blouse by zara and coat Vila.

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