Do you remember that, a half year ago I had a grid lay out on the blog? Back then I was really looking for a way to show my photo's and inspiration in a different way then the standard blog lay out. However, as you can see, right now I use a normal blog lay out because I noticed that you, my readers, find that easier to use. And another thing; with the grid lay out on the blog I also noticed that my readers only watched the photos instead of reading the text. And that's not a good thing of course haha. Besides the blog I've also got a Pinterest page where I collect inspiration for fashion, interior, love, etc. But still Pinterest was not to right place for me to share my own content. So;

I started my own Tumblr page. On this tumblr page I'm gonna share mostly my own content. Of course also work by others Tumblr users like quotes etc. But mostly I want to share my own work. For me this is a motivation to continue developing myself, my style and my work: If it's not tumblr worth, I need to create better content!

To sum up:)

-On my Pinterest page you will find inspiration that others create
- My Instagram will be more sneak peeks and daily updates from my life
- Blog; new items, collaborations, shop information projects etc.
- Tumblr; an inspiration page with mostly my own work,  and some inspirational quotes of other users.

You can find my Tumblr page here