Remember I told you about Westwing in this post? Westwing is an amazing online interior webshop where you can buy new items each day. I'm always on the hunt for net interior stuff, like you probably know. Mostly I buy secondhand stuff or I bump into treasures in the triftstore. However, you can't always find what you want. 

Already for a long while I as looking for a cowskin. A brown one like you can see on the photo. And that's what I found at! Like I told you before, the items you can see on Westwing are just there for a few days, so you can't wait too long to decide if you're going to buy it. Mostly they also have only one or two items. Same with this cowskin, so when I saw this one I put it right away in my shopping basket! Im very happy with it. 

What is your opinion about cowskins? And did you already checked out the new styles they have on right now? Be careful, once you visit the shop you're addicted haha. Enjoy your day!
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