Today I would like to introduce you to YAMA jewelry, a brand created by architect, goldsmith & designer, Maya Shkedy.

"YAMA is a hybrid of geometric style and urban inspiration, creating luxurious and edgy gold jewelry using only the finest and highest quality materials. The collections are defined by the intertwinement of architectural concepts with the delicate essence of jewelry, bringing the all-encompassing structures from the world of architecture into a creation of clean lines and forms."

You probably all know by now, jewelry with clean lines and forms is a big trend. Small necklaces which you can combine with other necklaces and small ear statements; you see this a lot on pinterest and tumblr. YAMA jewelry has also designs with these clean lines and forms. However, Maya is giving these designs, somehow, something extra. Like she described; its a great combination of a luxurious and edgy style.
Above you see my favorites of the jewelry collection. Also you can see how Maya combines the luxurious and edgy style in her designs. Great to wear as everyday jewelry. For me it was love on first sight when I bumped into this brand. Besides Im in love with the designs, all designs are gold. All YAMA jewelry are designed and handcrafted with 14/18K gold and premium cut diamonds from the heart of Tel Aviv diamond district. 

On the website of YAMA jewelry you can find four different collections. For me its really hard to choose which collection is my favorite. Can you choose?

Besides you can shop from the collections Maya is offering online, she can also design on request. For example wedding rings. Well, I think if you let her design a special item,  you will definitely have a timeless unique piece which you will wear the rest of your life