Already a few weeks ago I saw this COS collar  in Amsterdam. But I decided not to buy it and save my money for smarter things. Though I felt great walking out of the COS store without any bags, a few houres later I felt stupid. The website wasn't a solution because my size was out of stock, so the first moment i visited Amsterdam the first thing I did was buying this collar . I love it how this collar gives a simple T-shirt something extras and makes it a totaly different item. It's maybe a bit pricey €35,00, but I know for sure I will storage this collar for a long while, maybe until it falls apart.
Btw, what do you think of my first .gif? Finaly found a way in my photoshop to makes .gif images, so more are deffinitely coming.

Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT 

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