This month its exactly one year ago I did my "Indochina Discovery". Time flies.. and I realized I only gave you some updates while I was travelling, so a lot of places I visited I never shared with you. For example Halong Bay, Vietnam. A mysterious place, with impresive nature and views. The fog we had that day made the total package complete.
I have to say, the area around Halong Bay and the coast isn't what I'd expected. Many hotels are raising out of the ground and especially when you go in low season, the empty hotels gives you a bit a spooky feeling. The night market overthere isn't also that great. However, Halong Bay itself is even more than I expected. Impressive nature combined with silence. It's really quiet overthere, even the boats don't make any noises. The only sounds you hear is water splashing between the rocks and birds in the sky. From the boat I also went in a canoe, which was also a great experience. When I see these photos again I really miss traveling and my travel buddies. Did you ever visisted Halong Bay?
 Text: Laura @ MIXT Photos: Laura @ MIXT
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